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Maarten Baas – Organic Design

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Blogslider Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou

Maarten Baas, is quite an international sensation with his hand-made furniture.

His first commercial success was while at college when his Knuckle candleholder was put into production by Pol’s Potten. For his graduate collection – the Smoke furniture range – Baas literally set fire to old chairs and tables before coating them in an epoxy resin to preserve the charred remains

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou1

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou2

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By stripping away ornament Baas diminishes the hands-off preciousness of design and brings the objects closer to their true purpose, as common tables and chairs.

The brilliantly coloured Clay series carries this idea of functional imperfection further. By hand-modelling a clay composite around basic metal structures, Baas creates organic forms that differ with each piece.

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou51

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou6

But Bass haves many other collections like the China. The main material Baas worked with in China is wood, and he challenged woodcarvers from Shanghai to make extraordinary works with their techniques, creating a cross-over between western design and the traditional Chinese techniques.

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou4

Or the magnifique “Hey, chair, be a bookshelf!” Surrounded by all kinds of objects,

Baas created an assemblage, in which  all objects gained a new function. A  chair became a bookshelf; a lampshade became a vase, a violin a coat rack. The often weak second hand products are reinforced by polyester and coated by hand, in a Poly-Urethane coating.

Maarten Baas - Organic Design  Maarten Baas Organic Design ILoboyou8

n the year that  he won the designer of the year prize (2009), Baas presented The Shell, a cabinet commissioned by Design Miami, as well as his work Real Time Project.

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Watch his presentation and explanation in the video below.


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