Designed by Barlas Baylar for Hudson Furniture  TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES blogslider5

I love a console that makes a diference in a luxurious interior. You can resist this console Designed by Barlas Baylar for Hudson Furniture, with the petrified wood top and a solid bronze base I’m sure it looks great in all kind of interiors.

Console by Mathilde Penicaud  TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES 24

This console from by Mathilde Penicaud was launched last year and looks unique! Made out of steel and concrete, from a distance  the pieces look like they will fall any moment.

Hervé Van der Straeten Consoles  TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES 33

It’s impossible to resist the world of Hervé Van der Straeten and his hybridized inspirations. There are always contrasts of materials: bronze, wood, marble, crystal, stainless steel, glass, carbon fiber, or aluminum. I couldn’t chose just one console from his work so I leave you here two of my favorite consoles from the French artist… and I must say that it was difficult to even choose two out of so many fantastic pieces.

Maarten Baas Clay Furniture  TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES 44

This one I must say it’s really strange, but never the least fantastic! The famous designer Maarten Baas, author of the Smoke Series, used only  synthetic Clay, with a metal “skeleton” inside to reinforce the structures. All the collection pieces are modelled by hand. No moulds were used in the production, making each piece unique.

The scuba console from Mattia Bonetti   TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES 53

The scuba console from Mattia Bonetti all made of bronze it’s simple elegant and with a great presence, definitely one of my favorites!


The Temptation console from Koket explodes with exoticism & verve with its untamed gold curves playing side note to a four drawer top impeccably wrapped in a bronze metallic embossed python lamb skin and adorned with a bronze crystal on each drawer.

Console design by Paul Evans   TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES 72

This console  from Paul Evans for Diretional is made out of two pedestal that currently support a glass top and can have a versatile function as a console table, a desk or a large dining table depending on the size of the glass.

Console Jacques Duval Brasseur  TOP 10 EXCLUSIVE CONSOLES 82

This awesome console from Jacques Duval Brasseur will go perfectly in you hall, bedroom, living room… wherever you may want to, I’m sure it will give and fantastique vibe to it. Made out of Brass, amethyst and travertin is really something.


And the best for last, the Newton Console, is the most unique piece I’ve seen recently. Marco Costa and his design team did a fantastic work in this one. I would suggest you to see the hole Newton family at Boca do Lobo

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